Wheelchair Taxis Melbourne

Metro Maxi Taxi is committed to ensuring comfort and convenience of every passenger who gets on board with us, even those with special needs. We care to take into account their requirements and everything else that determines the quality of their travel experience with us.

Wheel Chair Taxi in Melbourne

For individuals, who may find it difficult to walk up to our taxi even if it is parked right outside, our wheel chair taxi Melbourne-based service can be of great help. When boarding our maxi taxi to Avalon Airport, you do not have to leave the comfort of your wheelchair or seek someone’s help to get yourself on board. Our professional Wheelchair Accessible Taxi driver will assist you right from getting you inside the taxi to dropping you off at your destination safely. Inside our wheelchair taxi, we have special arrangements to keep you in place, firm and comfortable. Doing so will prevent you from getting swayed side to side or feel the jerk when turns are taken, brakes are applied or accelerated. Thus, you can sit back and relax while on the move with our personalised service.

What Made us to Come up with Wheelchair Accessible Taxis?

Wheelchair taxi is not a new concept though, but it is yet to make its way to the catalog of every airport transfers Melbourne service provider. We at Metro Maxi Taxi Melbourne feel for the individuals who are not able to travel frequently and/or comfortably just because they are wheelchair-ridden. Thus, we incorporated wheelchair taxi in our fleet and integrated it with our advanced booking system so as to cater for every individual who wants to travel from point A to point B, regardless their physical ineptness.

Our taxi with wheelchair accessibility has come a long way helping individuals travel with confidence to anywhere within and beyond the city. We promise to take care of your comfort before, after and during the journey. Book our taxi online using your Smartphone or computer or simply contact us to provide details, like name, address, pick-up and drop-off points, number of passengers, etc. When your booking for taxi in Melbourne is underway, do not forget to give special mention regarding wheelchair accessibility.

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